Church Family,

Bring your coffee and chat before worship!

We will open the Zoom link this Sunday morning at 9:30 for anyone who wants to join early and visit with one another prior to worship.  We will begin worship at 10 AM.  

In preparation for Sunday Online Worship at 10 AM (via Zoom and Facebook Live) we ask that you make preparations to receive the sacrament of Holy Communion online. Please prepare to receive the sacrament by following the steps below:

Prepare your heart and mind to receive a new thing God is doing! Holy Common online! If God can send God’s Spirit and the very real presence of Jesus Christ in, with and under ordinary earthly elements of bread and wine when we are gathered together in person, God can do the same as we gather together online for worship. Prepare your hearts and minds for the sacrament by repenting of your sins against God and your neighbors, seeking God’s grace and mercy and preparing to come to the table of the Lord with joy and thanksgiving, confident of God’s promise of forgiveness of sin.

Gather the necessary elements for Holy Communion

          a. Secure some wine or grape juice. If you do not have any, other juices will be fine.

          b. Secure some bread. A piece of a loaf of bread will do just fine. If you do not have any, crackers will be fine too.  

Prior to logging in to online worship Sunday morning, set a table with your bread and wine or prepackaged kit, whatever you have.


NOTE:It is one link for both, you can log in anytime from 9:30-10:00 for coffee fellowship or wait til 10 to log in for worship.